Where other photo booths fall short by only offering limited space, boring  backgrounds and old-fashioned pictures on a strip, the LOL Photeaux Experience has many options to make the booth your very own.

High Quality Images - While others use low end web cams and point and shoot cameras, LOL Photeaux utilizes high quality digital cameras and studio quality lighting capturing your special memories at a quality unsurpassed.


Personalized Customization - LOL Photeaux designs custom props, backgrounds and print layouts specific to your event and/or brand so your guest experiences every element of your event.  For every Experience our goal is to exceed expectations and motivate guests to sing your praises, by providing an unforgettable event guests will be raving about for years
Additional Options - LOL Photeaux Booth’s additional options are limitless…unlimited 4×6 photo lab quality prints instantly on location, green screen, Facebook Blitz campaigns, custom photo albums, memory books, DVD and the list goes on. Let us customize your LOL Photeaux Experience.
Sharing Your Images - After your event your images are uploaded to our Facebook page, you are able to download, tag, comment, share, email, print, and tweet to your friends and family as often and for as long as you like!

Hosting a Corporate event??
LOL Photoeaux can be an integral part of your next corporate event or function and help to spread your brand via social media powerhouses Facebook and Twitter.
We provide an “open air” interactive approach that allows all to be a part of the “before-during-after”  LOL Photeaux Experience fun!
Custom driven elements of the LOL Photeaux “staging area” are all derived per your specifications to integrate branding/event/theme which will push for maximum exposure and awareness to all that are exposed to these images.
LOL Photeaux can also take it one step farther by “pushing” your images via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube so that your images and (more importantly) your brand will be spread organically starting as soon as two days after your event has ended.  Your guests can then “tag, comment and share” themselves while your fans, followers, friends and social network will be ale to comment and share to an even wider audience!
Please contact us for more information so we can help take your next event, and your brand, to the next level!
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